I’ve told you what it is, how it works… Now here’s how to get it!

Denise writes in and says…

Dear Vashan,

I like your message. But, how does someone like me, who knows what
skills she has translate those skills into money/ For example, I have
been an advocate for adults with disabilities for almost fourty years.
I know what needs to be done to advance the disability cause. But no
one pays advocates. WE MAKE GOOD VOLUNTEERS. But being a volunteer
doesn’t pay the bills, yet alone paying for advocacy related expences.
I have been also working on a wheel chair design and harness that
would allow a dog to guide and pull a blind person who relies on a
wheel chair for mobility purposes. I’ve been told by guide dog schools
that it cannot be done. But I know that it can be done; but not with
traditional equipment. Here again, there is no money for research and
development. . So, this brings me back to my original question, how
does someone like me translate my skills into employment?

I answer her question on this video…