Want to be members and current members unite with the Mac Master Series mixer. Join us!

On Thursday, May 15th, we launched the Mac Master Series membership site. There was an overwhelming response, and frankly, we were not prepared. The platform we used was not big enough to handle the number of people who wanted to join in on our launch party for the Mac Master Series. We have a large number of subscribers to our membership service, and it’s growing every day. The good news is that we still have room for you!

From now until midnight PST June 5th, you can get in on the promotional pricing, before it goes to its regular rate. Blink, and you’ll miss it! We can’t call it another launch party, and the majority of you have already heard the passionate individuals who voted with their wallets and signed up for the Mac Master Series on May 15th. So, here is what we are going to do, one last time, just for you!

We are going to hold a mixer on June 5th. This will be extremely informative for everyone, but especially for those of you who are on the fence, and have questions, and may like to sign up before the pricing increases. We want to make sure you don’t miss your chance to sign up at the special introductory rate and become a Mac Master today.

We made sure that we have reserved enough room for everyone who will want to attend this event, so get your invitation and the details now. Have questions before the event? Find out more on our FAQ page.

This is the only time during the launch we will hold this exclusive event live with those of you who have not yet subscribed to the Mac Master Series membership site, and those that have already joined at the launch party. When you join us for the event this is what you’ll get:


  1. We’ll walk you systematically through what the Mac Master Series is all about, how it works, and how you can get in on the introductory price before June 5th at midnight PST.
  2. We are going to discuss the first four lessons that will be in the Mac Master Series by the time you join this event. You’ll be getting a glimpse into what the Mac Master Series is all about with the people who are already members. Its simply the most complete guide on the planet ever comprised in one place to teach you all you ever wanted to know about your Mac.
  3. Don’t take our word for it…Here is what one member had to say already…
    Dr. Bissonnette says,

    Hi VaShaun and Scott, Just went through the first lesson. Well done. Great to have the details on each of the models. The instructions are clear and well organized.

  4. We will give away a one year free scholarship to the Mac Master Series, Currently Valued At $239.99, to one lucky winner.
  5. Note: If you are already a Mac Master Series member, and you win the scholarship drawing, we will refund 100% of your subscription fee.

  6. Its your questions and our answers. We don’t want you to walk away without having a clear understanding of the benefits the Mac Master Series along with the power of a focused and passionate community can have in helping you reach your goal of Mac mastery.

Get your invitation now and join the ranks of the other Mac Master Series members today!