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Jot Down A Note Once And You’ll Find It Everywhere!

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One of the handiest, niftiest, easiest apps that come already installed on the iPhone is the notes app. When you jot down a note, through iCloud, that note will appear on every iOS device you own, as well as in the notes app on your Mac computer, provided of course that you have iCloud enabled in all of those places. Seems easy enough, doesn’t it? Ah, yes, but there is a tiny little loophole, which I’m about to reveal.

When you enable iCloud on your phone, that iCloud account automatically is listed as an account in the notes app. It is only this account that will sync notes across your devices. However, you may be syncing notes with your other email accounts.

To make sure this syncing is turned off, in settings, under Main, Contacts, and Calendars, do the following:
1. One finger double tap on each email account listed except for the iCloud account.
2. One finger right flick to the notes button.
3. If it is off, one finger left flick to the back button and one finger double tap it.
4. If it is on, one finger double tap it to turn it off.
Follow the above steps for all of your email accounts except iCloud. Now you are ready to create notes that will sync with the notes apps on your devices and your Mac computer.

To create a note, do the following:
1. Open the notes app on your iPhone, or other iOS device.
2. One finger right flick past the notes heading to the add button and one finger double tap it.
3. Focus will be on the notes text field.
4. With hints enabled, it will say double tap to edit, but it will in fact be editing.
5. Type in or dictate your note.
6. One finger left flick to the done button.
7. One finger double tap it, Focus will be on the add button.

Congratulations! Your note has been created. Open the notes app on one of your other iOS devices and/or on your Mac, and you will find it there, where it can be edited, deleted, or even shared.

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