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Last Chance To Cast Your Vote For The Number One App Of 2013!

Posted in Apple Inc

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Time is quickly ticking away for you to nominate your favorite app of 2013. We all have a favorite app that is used on a daily basis, so why not take a few minutes to complete Fedora Outlier’s short survey titled The Number One App Of 2013 and let us know what your favorite app is.

Do you use LookTel Money Reader to identify money? How about when it comes to social media? You might use Twitterrific or Skype. Maybe your favorite reading app these days is either BARD Mobile or Audible. Are you an avid music listener? Then maybe you’re using Songza or Spotify to stream your favorite artist. Whatever app you use, the team at Fedora wants to know about it and all you have to do is answer three questions. Now that doesn’t sound all that difficult does it?

The team at Fedora Outlier, LLC is also very happy that Mike Malarsie of How To Be Blind is our sponsor for our #1 Favorite App of 2013 campaign. If you’re looking for the latest tech news, up to date accessible tutorials, entertaining podcasts, and an “outside the box” perspective then look no further than How To Be Blind. Visit Mike’s website online at, on Twitter at, and Facebook at, to become part of the HTB2 family!

Are you planning on purchasing or upgrading your iPhone? Not exactly sure how you will be able to use it or you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or scared to death about learning how to use Apple’s latest and greatest gadget? Look no further. The answer lies in Fedora’s own book, the Old Hat Guide To iPhone Accessibility, iOS7 Edition. Purchase your copy today! It’s not just a resource tool, it’s an adventure!

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