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Sometimes your dreams are worth more than money…

Sometimes your lack of money keeps you from your dream…

Your goal in life is to be the best you that you can be.

You want to create something to help someone else…

You want to work on projects that make an impact in your life.
You want to make an impact in other peoples lives.

but, you are blind…

but, you are disabled

and they told you that you couldn’t do it, right?

What about your dreams?

What about making money?

What is the it, you ask?

The it is the ability to change your family tree, have financial freedom and empower yourself.
The it is you launching your own product and changing the world…

You will get empowerment from a group of blind entrepreneurs who have started businesses, gained competitive, integrated employment and generated streams of income for themselves and others.

Join Maryann Murad, Amanda Heal, Michael Babcock, Mel Scott and other launchers as we show you how to find or create work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable in 2017.

Listen to the promo

The details for this free virtual event are inside…

Get updated on the rest of the guest speakers, their free giveaways and launch free-bees.

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