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Look Ma, No Typing!

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When you think of texting, filling in other text fields, or composing emails on your iPhone, does anything come to mind?

There I was back in October with my brand new, first day it came out, 64 GB white iPhone 4S. All those terrific features they talked about, and I was holding them in my hand! I began to explore, and it didn’t take me long to figure out my absolute favorite one.

Before I give away my well-kept secret, okay, maybe it’s not exactly a secret, but that being said, before I reveal my choice, I’ll give you a hint… Remember the question at the beginning? I’ll repeat it for you in case you’ve forgotten in all this excitement…

When you think of texting, filling in other text fields, or composing emails on your iPhone, does anything come to mind? I’ll give you a minute…

Time’s up! Drum roll please, it is dictate. Yes, wherever there is a text field, there is a dictate button.

No typing necessary, just talking. No more typing? Could this possibly be true? I say what I want, including punctuation, and my words are turned into text that appears like magic in the text field! Is this up my alley or what? With talking being one of the things I do best, it’s a natural!

That little dictate button is everywhere and anywhere there is a text field to be filled in. The only exceptions are password fields. I wouldn’t want to reveal the passwords I use to the entire world, would you?

Dictate works best when your thoughts are together, you know just what you want to say, and once you begin, continue speaking the entire phrase or sentence without stopping. I’ve also found that if I have a lot to dictate, it works best if I divide the text into chunks for dictation.
So, when in an edit field, locate the dictate button at the bottom of the keyboard. Put your finger on the space, then scroll or flick once to the left and there you’ll find the dictate button. Double tap it, then speak clearly and at a medium speed without hesitation or pauses. Then double tap the button when finished, wait a short time, and what you’ve just said will appear in the text field. You may include punctuation, for example, say comma where you want one, or period at the end of a sentence. Make sure to say exclamation point, not just the word exclamation, or dictate will think you want that word in there instead of the punctuation mark!

I barely type anything anymore, and I do not miss it! Dictate is awesome, and in the next iOS release it is supposed to be on all the devices that will support ios 6. Way to go, Apple!

Now it’s your turn… What is your favorite feature in iOS? Let us all know with your comment below!

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