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Moments Pass…

Posted in Delivering Access

Joe always says “Life is a series of moments and moments pass, so let’s make this one last as if it is all that we have”

That quote never rang more true in my life than it does now…

My friend, personal assistant and 17 year mentor, Shirley Barksdale, passed away over a week ago.

The reason I’m mentioning it on this platform is because if it wasn’t for her, my life and business wouldn’t be what it is today.

Kristi works during the day and Shirley would work at night making sure everything that needed to get done, was done (and done with excellence).

She did our personal and business taxes, she was the registered agent for Fedora and most importantly; she was a sounding board for all things life.

I miss her so much! It was on her porch where I sat drinking tea that I said, in my heart and out loud, that I was going to change the world. She worked with me and the Fedora team for 12 years to bring us to the point we are now.

We love you Shirley!

Here’s a video about you that I know you would watch if you were here. Kristi would be the first viewer and you would be second…

Watch “Moments Pass” now.

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