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Move, Organize And Create Folders With Ease

Posted in iOS

You know what apps you want to move. You know where you want to put them and what folders you want them in and you even know the process to accomplish this task. Let me show you a quick tip on how to do this with ease.

After you figure out what you want to name your new folder and what apps you would like in them. Take advantage of my quick and dirty way of simplifying the process.

Currently on all iOS devices running iOS 5 you have a total of eleven pages that may be filled with your favorite apps. On each one of those pages you have a doc at the bottom that has the same apps that do not change from page to page unless you switch them intentionally.

What I do is move my first app that I want in the new folder to the doc. Then I find the next app and place it on top of the one I just put in the doc thus creating a folder. I name the folder and then proceed to fill it with the other apps I need for that folder. I continue this process until the folder has all the apps I want in it.

Now that the folder is created, the apps are in the folder and I have what I need I can now move just that folder where ever I’d like to on the phones eleven pages instead of flip flopping around trying to precisely place apps which can be hit or miss at best.

The reason I do this that way is because no matter the page I’m on I still can see what’s in the doc from any page. This allows me to find apps on page nine and still easily place it in my folder on the doc without having to switch from page to page in order to find the folder I want to drop the apps into.

This works well for me and if it helps you to be more organized with ease or if you have a quick tip to share drop us a line in the comment area below.

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