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My Five Favorite Features Of Mountain Lion

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I absolutely couldn’t wait for this cat to be let out of the bag. The sheer simplicity of using this operating system is realized the moment your screen reader is activated and you start to explore. There are hundreds of new features, updates and interface changes to make a geek like myself just explode with screen readers delight. Join me as I walk through my five favorite features of Mountain Lion.1. Messages

Communication is a wonderful thing if done correctly and with iMessage for Mac this gets even better. For years I wanted an easy way to text and message my friends from my computer to their phones and now here it is. I can message them however I like either using their cell phone number, e-mail and through Face Time. I’m glad most of my friends have iDevices because if they didn’t they would be left in the dust.

2. Dictation

As a blind person who does allot of typing between e-mails, blog post and documents I am now set free with dictation. Virtually anywhere that I can type I can talk and move from the keyboard into a delightful song and dance with my microphone and accomplish the same thing, but without my fingers hurting. The accuracy is about 95% or better, which is about my typing accuracy anyway. Now I only have to touch the keyboard about 5% of the time for corrections and the rest is smooth sailing.

3. iOsification

The iOSification of Mountain Lion and iOS is going to make your computing life simple. The convergence of the two operating systems working in tandem with each other is pure genius on Apples’ part. Between Games, Notes and iMessage on the Mac as well as iOS this will prove to be a very exciting time. Now what’s good for your iOS device is made even better with your Mac.

4.Airplay Mirroring

Watching movies, presenting to a crowd or displaying whats on your Mac just got amazingly easy to do. By using an Apple TV, your Mac and a HDMI TV you can easily make sales presentations, demo products, watch movies from your Mac or just have a really huge display with lots of computing real-estate. This by far is my favorite feature of all times.

5. Voice-Over

I have had the opportunity to watch Voice-Over from the start in the Mac operating system Tiger come from what it was then to what it is now. I must say that as a blind Mac user, consultant and teacher of Apple products Voice-Over is a superior screen reader that is built in not bolted on. The feature set in the Voice-Over settings rival those other screen readers and is a far cry away from being Narrator in Windows. If you are a Mac user and you are reading this then you know the changes from what you had in the last OS verses whats now in Mountain Lion. You don’t have to take my word for it, just head on over to the Apple Accessibility page for Mac and take a gander.

Now that’s my five, what is yours? Leave us a comment or two below on your favorite Mountain Lion features.

Photo of the Finder of Mountain Lion
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