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Only open this message if you want to be employed or imediately & drastically improve your quality of life!

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The time is now to win as a culture. We can literally change the world of rehabilitation as we know it today. Rehabilitation for all disabilities.

NOT JUST blind, but all.

Join Georgia as we become a state that gets it. We are going to work together as a team and win.

The new #1 Question this year for the email has been changed to…

(Sorry we meant “will be changed to”…)

“Will there be a replay?

The previous question was “Can my rehab counselor pay for me to take courses from Fedora Outlier LLC? or do I have to pay for them myself?”

OF COURSE! just ask them.

We can service anywhere we want, we can bonus greatness and fire poor performers.

We’ll explain that one at the meeting.

Yes, there will be a replay. It’s going to replay so much that you will believe it…

We will always have a replay!

That’s the new question and answer over on

Believe, achieve, succeed

That’s what was taught in my high school.

The virtual town hall meeting of the United Statewide Coalitions ON Employment will be…

Monday, May 27th at 7PM Eastern.

Here’s the number with access code. Save it to your records.

(712) 432-0190,,732659#

easier to follow @fedora_outlier on Twitter, just saying.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones 

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