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Passing On What You’ve Learned…

Posted in Delivering Access

The best part about learning something new is sharing that information with others.

We recently had someone write in to tell us about herself and her experience with the Mac, other similar courses she’s taken and personally training others to use Apple products as well.

Chanelle wrote: “I have been using the Mac since 2013. I am also part of a nonprofit organization, “iBUG Today”, which provides assistive technology training on Apple devices to blind people. Our training is conducted by volunteers virtuallymainly via group workshops. I have been teaching a Mac course, which is not suited for a group environment.

I decided to enroll in your Mac Foundations course to find out if there is anything I could learn for both myself and my students. I didn’t want to mention this at first, but your response to my quiz motivated me enough to write to you.

I did listen to your four part Safari series and found the way in which you presented the topic to be quite helpful. I even assigned your Safari series as one of the reading/listening assignments in my course.

Last year, an assistive technology instructor enrolled in the Mac course that I taught. I decided that if he was willing to learn from someone as inexperienced as myself, I could learn from you and other professionals.

I do not feel like the most ideal Mac instructor, so anything I can learn to help me teach and motivate me more to use the Mac would be great. Thank you for providing your Mac Foundations course practically free of charge.”

In today’s video, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on all the things Chanelle mentioned + how honored I am to have YOU here on this journey with me.

Watch the video now and remember… There’s no limit to how great you can be.

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