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Ready. Aim. Fire.

Posted in Delivering Access

Ya’ll, this is Kristi and I gotta say… the idea of Vashaun shooting a gun makes me a bit nervous! 
No, Not because he’s blind (we’re all about equal accessibility here at Fedora) 
but because he’s sometimes a bit … passionately scatter brained! 
But when he sets his sights on something, he follows through and is never afraid to pull that trigger: win, lose or draw. 
Whether literally or metaphorically in life or business – Vashaun is always willing to take the shot! 
Are you? 

Watch “Ready. Aim. Fire.” Now and let us know your thoughts! 

**Yes, we know the video cuts off a little prematurely while Vashaun is still talking.. perfectly illustrating that scatter-brain side of him I spoke of, but hopefully you get the gist of the message!**

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