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Outlier’s With Sara Ellen Waggle

Posted in Podcasts, and VaShaun

Here she is ladies and gentleman…

I’m thinking that her skills in her chosen art qualifies her as an official butt kicker both on and off the mat.

She works out and takes no stuff.

She had a VR case and chose to go in a much different and unusual way and has found herself on the other side of happiness.

Never taking “NO” for a answer and not giving up puts her in a class all by herself.

I’m super excited to bring you one of my favorite interviews with someone that is amazing in my eyes.

Remember, I’m blind so you’ll just have to either take my word for it and don’t listen to the session or…

you can jump right in and take a gander.

“Gander” is a old word, I know but I like it so there…

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