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Setting Up Your Email On Windows And Mac

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I don’t know about you but for me email is an important part of my daily computing life. Depending on what your email needs are you may not think that you need to know more than the opening and closing of messages, but before you can do this you must first be able to set up your email accounts on your platform of choice. That is what this weeks edition of The Switching To A Mac Series is about this week. Damashe will show you how to set up an account in Windows Mail, and I will do the same with Apple Mail on the Mac. So what do you say? Lets get started.

Setting Up An Email Account On Windows

Email is a key part of everybody’s daily workflow. Today I will show you how to setup your email account in Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail allows for multiple account management for most email providers, including Gmail, iCloud mail, and of course Microsoft’s own Hotmail or Outlook Mail.

First, ensure that you have Windows Mail installed by going to the Start menu. You can simply search for mail, or go to all programs and locate it there. If it isn’t installed, you can get it from the Microsoft website. The installation has other Windows live products available, such as Writer, but we are focusing on Mail for now. Follow the installation instructions, ensuring that Mail is selected to be installed. Now let’s get our email setup.

I will be setting up my account from within Mail since I have already gone through the initial setup. If you are opening Mail for the first time, you will be presented with an add new account dialogue, just follow the same instructions to add a new mail account.

•I will start by pressing the Alt key, which opens the ribbon bar. Right arrow over to the accounts Tab then press down arrow. The first item should be mail account in the add new toolbar. Press the spacebar on email which takes you to the email account setup.

•The first field should be for your email address. Enter your full email address like this,

•Press Tab until you are in the password field. Type in your password, and no you don’t get to see mine.

•Tab, and make sure the remember this password check box is checked.

•Tab over to the display name for your sent messages field. Enter the name you wish to be displayed when you send email from this account.

•Tab to the manually configure server settings check box. I checked this box, then Tab to the “Next button” and press spacebar. You could allow Windows Mail to attempt to automatically detect your mail configuration, however, in many cases, it will not come out correctly.

The next dialogue is where you enter the server addresses and port numbers for your email, as well as whether you want to use POP or IMAP. I strongly suggest IMAP, as this will keep your mail in sync across multiple devices.

These particular settings are usually specific to your email provider, and setup instructions can normally be found on their site. If you can’t find them readily available on your email provider’s site, then Google is your friend. Now let’s continue.

•Select POP or IMAP, then Tab to the incoming server address field.

•Enter the “POP” or “IMAP” address from your provider. Tab, and enter the port number. Tab, and if instructed, check the box for this server requires a secure connection.

•Tab to the login username field and make sure this information is correct. Windows Live Mail has a tendency to only fill in the part of your email address before the “at” symbol. Usually, you will need to enter the full email address here.

•Tab, then enter the outgoing server address. Tab over then enter the outgoing server port number. Follow your setup instructions for checking or unchecking the secure authentication boxes that follow your outgoing server port number.

•Now Tab over to the next button and press space. The next dialogue will be The finish screen, with an option to add another email account. Tab to the finish button and press the Spacebar.

If all settings are entered correctly, Windows Live Mail should begin downloading your email.

Setting Up Apple Mail

The process for setting up a new email account on the Mac is similar to the process for setting one up on a Windows computer. Just like with Windows when you launch the email program on a Mac for the first time you will get a New Account wizard which will walk you through the setup of your new email account. Here is what this account setup wizard will look like.

Mail Greeting.

Add Account. You’ll be guided through the steps to set up an additional account.

To get started, provide the following information:
•Full Name:
This will be a blank edit field if you do not yet have an account set up. Enter in your full name here.

•Email Address:
This is where you type out your full email address.

Enter in your email password. You will need to make sure that you enter this password correctly. If you make a mistake Mail will not be able to successfully verify the account.
After filling in this information click on the Create button and then based on the information that you provided to Mail, your account settings will be verified
. If this account is a Gmail account in all likelihood Mail will be able to pull the rest of the settings from the Gmail server. If this doesn’t happen then you will need to manually set up the account.

Before you set up the email account manually you will need to make sure that you have all of the information for that account.

Depending on what type of an account you have such as an ISP provided email account, or a webmail account such as Gmail or Hotmail you will need the following information before proceeding.

•Account Email Address

•Account Password.

•Incoming and Outgoing server settings

•The port numbers for each

Whether or not authentication is required or not.

You will also need to know if the account is a POP or an IMAP account.

After gathering all this information just go through the process outlined above and fill in all of the information for the account.

If you already have an email account set up on your Mac then you can add another one by either going into the File Menu and selecting Add Account. This will open that same Mail Greeting screen that I talked about before.

You can also get to this same screen by pressing Command+Comma to go into Mail Preferences and then you will interact with the Toolbar and then select Accounts. Then locate the New Account button near the bottom of the screen and click on it.

This is all that there is to setting up a new email account on your Mac and a Windows computer.

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