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Status 26: Case Closed

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If you want to work and you need help from a team of people that was just like you.. at one point in life.

You have come to the right place.

Fedora Outlier LLC works with all individuals. We don’t work with disabled.

We work with everyone willing to work.

You may be reading this blog and have a disability, but

your disability is not the issue…

80% of your issue is fighting the system!

A system is suppose to work smoothly and if their is a hick up or two it should be easily worked out, corrected and the process gets better over time.

That is NOT the case with vocational rehab.

It feels like a fight every time we walk through the doors of VR all over the world.

We talked to individuals that are scared, frustrated, ready to give up on life, ready to throw their dream away…

I can’t stand and let that happen.

You can’t stand and let that happen.

We can’t stand and let that happen.

We can stand together and create a system that works for everyone.

That’s just great business… right?

Our goal is to help 1000 people in 2017 from all around the world close their case successfully!

This is our intro to how we are going to make it happen!

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