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He’s completely blind, works on the Apple Store floor and continues to change the world

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Tamer has been working for Apple on the store floor for over two months now. I’m wondering why I’m the last person she called. LOL

She’s completely blind.

She get’s to change the world by making the store accessible for every blind person who wants to work at Apple.

She not only got her technology teaching from Fedora Outlier LLC, but we helped her to be more empowered, we encouraged her and together we banded together to change the world.

Here’s a 17 minute call we had, where she broke the news to me.

My wife asked me if I cried, friends asked if I cried and just in case you are wondering…

Yes, I cried….

I love helping the disabled find or create work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable!!!

Listen now and let’s change the world together!

P.S. Just in case you can’t click on the text here’s the link

Redeeming an Amazon gift card with your iPhone

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Are you tired of having to get sighted friends or family read you the code on the back of an Amazon gift card? Also trying to scan it in with little to no ability to do so easily? Well here is a way to use your iPhone’s built in camera to do so via the Amazon shopping app.

You can find the app here.

Click here if the video does not play.

If you like this tip check out our IOS Master Series for more content like this.
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3D Touch? News to me.

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Hello all. Let me first explain the title of this blog. 3D Touch saved my Apple News experience on my iPhone 6S. Still wondering how? Well here goes the reason.



  This goes back to when I had my 6PLUS and had been using the News app for a short while. I had learned about the feature which let you add sources to it from webpages on the internet. I was going to one of my favorite wrestling sites and decided to add it to my News app. Well I guess it was not the correct type of page. basically I was going nuts because I could not get any stories from it. It just kind of sat there laughing at me.



  I tried over and over again to remove it but it kept coming back. I did this by unchecking News in iCloud. Every time I turned it back on in iCloud ,after it was gone from News, it would be placed back in to my favorites of news. Also when i went in to edit there was no way to remove it. I had a major issue in my books.



  I had just gotten my new iPhone  6S and was playing around in News one day and decided to try something. I flicked in to favorites and on to the entry that had so long been a virtual thorn in my side. Not real but mentally as painful. I had heard of this thing called 3D Touch. so i pressed hard on the entry. What do you know? It actually opened it and said there was no entries! I then flicked and found a delete button which i promptly used. No more virtual thorn in my side. The evil journey had come to an end. all thanks to Apple and their wonderful 3D Touch!



  Until next time we meet in the words of the immortal George Carlin (May the forces of evil get confused on the way to your house.(


Wild Card 4, We So Us

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Leaving a legacy behind that helps to shape the world is an amazingly noble cause.

Do you know the man or woman who invented the paper check?

How about a guy by the name of Steve Jobs?

Well, both of the individuals named above are super important to our history and both have left a legacy that will be talked about for years.

The biggest difference is one persons life is documented very well and the other wasn’t.

This could have been by choice or by happenstance, but either way if you want to leave a legacy you should document everything!

My legacy is to change the world of assistive technology teaching for the blind and deaf-blind and create a universe where our culture is remembered for being super, uber, amazingly great at whatever we choose to do in life!!!

What’s your legacy?

Blink S1 E7 The Sponsor

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The Fedora Outlier team appreciates our premier sponsor for our first reality show.

6Dat helps the blind and deaf-blind to label everything in their life easily with the 6Dot Braille Label Maker.

In this interview we talk with the owners of 6Dot in a tell all about the braille label maker.

In our next sponsor update myself and Damashe take the 6Dot Braille Maker for a test spin, but for now listen to our sponsor tell you everything you need to know to start labeling your world.

This product is for braille educators, those wanting to label household and office items and anyone else who uses braille and need to label things in their life.

Blink S1E2 (The Passion)

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What’s your passion in life? This is the second question in my interview.

I ask this question because I want to know what drives them everyday.

I love technology and it shows in just about anything that I do.

What are our realist say about their passions simply astounds me every time I hear them speak about them.

Fedora can train for skill, but passion is something each associate brings with them.

Listen to the second episode in the Blink reality show and share your passion in the comment section below.

Blink S1E1 (Tell Us Just A Little)

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Welcome to the season premier of Blink.

We are seeking to change the world and employ as many blind and deaf-blind individuals as possible!

This episode I ask the question from all the realist “Tell us a little about yourself, where you grew up, how you lost your sight and some of the tools that you’ve used along your journey”

Their answers will simply amaze you.

Stay tuned for the Wednesday Wildcard for even more empowerment. Details to follow.

Remember to leave a comment below.


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I’ve taken over 300 rides with Uber over the last year and I must say I love riding with them with a passion!

I’m blind and Uber was the answer to my dreams for transportation, both convenient and affordable.

I wish I would have thought of the genius concept the Uber founders came up with. Me being a tech head and all…the ability to scale a billion dollar business from GPS and a iPhone.

Simply astounding!

Nevertheless here’s some of the main reasons why Uber is a huge part of my life.…

Uber provides accessible receipts and you can even tag them for business expenses..

This works perfect for me and our accountant.

I no longer have to wait ours for transportation. I wait minutes…often times less than 6.

Uber’s customer service is second to none. They’ve answered e-mails in less than 30 minutes.

They didn’t just give me an auto response, they actually solved the problem in the first e-mail. Everything from correcting fairs and processing refunds was handled with excellence.

I want my company to operate with that type of excellence as well.

So add in the friendly drivers, the fact you can rate them, there is no cash exchange, they use PayPal, Apple Pay and credit/debit cards, their app is accessible, you can split the fair , etc.

I must say @uber…Thanks for changing the world!!!

You can now use the code uberblind (all one word) and get a free ride.
Uber is in several US states and a multitude of countries, so sign up using the code uberblind and take a ride on us.

Get the app

Enter the promo code uberblind and we’re off.

You can call a Uber car from your Apple Watch as well. A few taps and you are on your way…OK, I’m gone now my Uber driver Drew in a Lincoln Town car, license plate #skhdo12 , will be here in 1 minute.

Next on the Uber Update is: Spotify @uber