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Tonight we discuss abandonment in the disability community on Culture

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Until we get to the root of our concerns as a culture we’ll never solve our issues.

We’ve talked to so many people that are disabled and have been left abandoned by friends, family and people we thought would be there for us no matter what.

Free Bonus: 7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business

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I talk with business want a bees every week that are stuck in one place.

Want to know what place they are stuck in?


They call it starting a business for a reason…

It’s so you can go into business.

Status 26: Case Closed

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If you want to work and you need help from a team of people that was just like you.. at one point in life.

You have come to the right place.

Fedora Outlier LLC works with all individuals. We don’t work with disabled.

We work with everyone willing to work.

We are here to dominate!

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I thought it was your case?

My wife asks me if it’s her money then why am I spending it. LOL

If it’s your VR case then why are they telling you what you want?

Why when you ask for something and even justify why you want it in your mind…

Dreams Worth More Than Money – Your Success Story

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You have a dream! You can see it clear as 20/20 vision in your head…

You have no money to see your dream through to the light.

What do you do?

I get this question on our platform allot. Here’s some answers…


Blink Season 2 Episode 1: Dr. Leo, Our Biggest Fan

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Leo Bissonnette, Ph.D.

Fedora Outlier may not have an assistive technology cheerleading squad but if we did, then Dr. Leo Bissonnette would without a doubt be the captain of it. He has and continues to support what Fedora Outlier does in regards to providing top notch consulting, teaching and support for all of Apple’s products to the blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind communities.

Wild Card 4, We So Us

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Leaving a legacy behind that helps to shape the world is an amazingly noble cause.

Do you know the man or woman who invented the paper check?

How about a guy by the name of Steve Jobs?

{REPLAY} The worlds largest virtual Thank You card to Apple inside

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Here’s the worlds largest virtual Thank You card given to Apple Inc from the blind community…


Get a load of this! WARNING! It’s only a tease to what’s to come!

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The first 6 weeks of Blink have been recorded, edited and about to be on display as Fedora works to change the world.

We really do know that the blind and deaf-blind have amazing talents and we want to display them.

Here’s a short teaser of the reality show http://fedoraoutlier.com/podcasts/bt1.mp3

Getter Done With Mr. Scott Smith

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Mr. Scott Smith is a man after my own heart, living in one of my favorite states in the US.

He fixes cars, teaches technology and has a bunch of kids around him everyday.

It was a pure joy to interview this guy.