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More than one way to skin a virtual cat… Denise gets help

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Denise wrote in on this post http://www.fedoraoutlier.com/ive-told-you-what-it-is-how-it-works-now-heres-how-to-get-it/

wanting help with creating a new product for those in wheel chairs that are blind.

Michael writes in and says…

I’ve told you what it is, how it works… Now here’s how to get it!

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Denise writes in and says…

Dear Vashan,

The opportunity in failure

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Pic of myself and John speaking with a group in Pennsylvania

Pic of myself and John speaking to a group of TVI's

Four years later in Harrisburg PA. myself and John speak to a group of educators and blind service providers.

See above pics

Rewind to our humble beginnings and what you’ll discover is that our first presentation all those years ago as a firm was horrible, but the opportunity we got from that epic failure was priceless…