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I Sure Wish I Knew Who I Was Talking To!

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One of the most frustrating, potentially embarrassing, definitely humiliating Experiences I have had Are the situations where I don’t know who in the world the person is with whom I’m having a conversation. I’d like to call them by name, but don’t have a clue Who they are, and for a million dollars, can’t recall. I keep hoping a little birdie will fly out to me and whisper who the other person is in my ear.

Siri: Child or Mind Of Its Own?

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Siri, the personal assistant built into all of the newer iOS devices, from the iPad 2 on up, to the iPad mini, iPhone 4S and 5, and the iPod touch 5th generation, has been the next best thing since chicken soup. So, why do I sometimes feel like Siri is the boss? That Siri leads and I follow, instead of the other way around? Or, conversely, that I am speaking to a child? Allow me to explain.

Will It Be Out With The Computer, In With The Tablet?

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It was not that long ago that, if we wanted to check our email, surf the internet, or type up a document, we had to go home or to the office, and sit down in front of our computers. With the introduction of lap-tops, computing became portable but still a bit cumbersome, carrying them around in briefcases or in their own dedicated cases. But all that has changed with the use of smart phones, tablets, and iOS devices.

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