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I Sure Wish I Knew Who I Was Talking To!

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One of the most frustrating, potentially embarrassing, definitely humiliating Experiences I have had Are the situations where I don’t know who in the world the person is with whom I’m having a conversation. I’d like to call them by name, but don’t have a clue Who they are, and for a million dollars, can’t recall. I keep hoping a little birdie will fly out to me and whisper who the other person is in my ear.

Siri: Child or Mind Of Its Own?

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Siri, the personal assistant built into all of the newer iOS devices, from the iPad 2 on up, to the iPad mini, iPhone 4S and 5, and the iPod touch 5th generation, has been the next best thing since chicken soup. So, why do I sometimes feel like Siri is the boss? That Siri leads and I follow, instead of the other way around? Or, conversely, that I am speaking to a child? Allow me to explain.

So Much To Be Thankful To Be Thankful For

Posted in Mac

Yesterday, we were nine, gathered around our Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone feasted on everything from soup to pie and cake for dessert, with mounds of food in between. Before the meal was over, my mother-in-law, young at the age of 90, asked that everyone at the table, one at a time, tell what we are thankful for. Sounds rather cliche, I’ll admit, yet in the back of my mind I was wondering if anyone was going to suggest that very thing.

All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth

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We all remember this silly song from our childhood. Well with the holiday season upon us once again I thought that I would write my blog post on some of the new toys that will be on my letter to Santa this year, and for those of you that say that Santa is not real, all that I have to say to you is, if you believe in the magic of Christmas then he most certainly is. After all, don’t we all still have a little boy or girl in all of us.

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