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We are here to dominate!

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I thought it was your case?

My wife asks me if it’s her money then why am I spending it. LOL

If it’s your VR case then why are they telling you what you want?

Why when you ask for something and even justify why you want it in your mind…

The 0 Sum Episode

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On this episode you will learn that this isn’t an episode at all. I’m tired and need some time to rejuvenate myself.

Thanking the podcast editors and the Fedora fans was my main goal this week.

Thank you all!

An Accessible Blind Date

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Fedora celebrated its first year anniversary this past weekend, and to celebrate I decided to take a day off. I wanted to be disconnected from my Apple devices and try something new by way of technology, but without a computer, iPhone or iPad on hand.

The Clementine Incident

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The other day, I peeled a clementine, pried apart the little wedges, and put them in a small bowl. It was my intention to go into the den, put my feet up, and take a couple of minutes to have my snack. Well, the best laid plans of mice and Marcy sometimes go a bit awry.