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Outlier’s (THE PODCAST) Coming January 2017

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So after 4 incredible seasons interviewing the worlds most amazing people living with a disability, we bring to you…
the Delivering Access network
and Outlier’s, the podcast.

You heard it right…

We created a media network for the rest of us.

Getter Done With Mr. Scott Smith

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Mr. Scott Smith is a man after my own heart, living in one of my favorite states in the US.

He fixes cars, teaches technology and has a bunch of kids around him everyday.

It was a pure joy to interview this guy.

Drop Vox: Quick & Easy Recording For Anyone!

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Drop Vox with a “V” as in VaShaun is your one stop recording utility for both the Mac and iOS.

On iOS you just install the app, configure a couple of settings and double tap on record.

On the Mac you install the app, set a default folder and press the spacebar to record. Press it again to stop recording.

DAP Season 2 With Tiffany Green

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Highly educated, super insightful with a twist…


Tiffany will give you advice that a grandmother would give. Only she keeps her teeth in.


She is young, but don’t let that fool you. Listen up as Ms. Green drops some jewels of knowledge in your earbuds.