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Outlier’s (THE PODCAST) Coming January 2017

Posted in Podcasts, and VaShaun

So after 4 incredible seasons interviewing the worlds most amazing people living with a disability, we bring to you…
the Delivering Access network
and Outlier’s, the podcast.

You heard it right…

We created a media network for the rest of us.

Do you have a show that you ever wanted someone to hear and you didn’t know how to generate a audience, obtain sponsorship or edit your episodes?

Well we got what you need to get up and running today.

I’m kicking off the network and season 5 with my show Outlier’s. Get a sneak peak of episode 0 here

and if you would like to get your show on air and generate a income, you can send a email to

Enjoy the season

Getter Done With Mr. Scott Smith

Posted in Podcasts, and VaShaun

Mr. Scott Smith is a man after my own heart, living in one of my favorite states in the US.

He fixes cars, teaches technology and has a bunch of kids around him everyday.

It was a pure joy to interview this guy.

I’m actually going to take him up on his offer to come pass the house, hang out with him, his wife and the kids.

BTW: His wife is on season 4 of the podcast called Blink. It will air live on Sunday August 2nd at 8PM.

We’ll be hiring 20 associates in the next six months. We’ll be making employment a reality for the blind and deaf-blind.

Get the details…tune in and let’s change the world together.

Drop Vox: Quick & Easy Recording For Anyone!

Posted in General, iOS, and Mac

Drop Vox with a “V” as in VaShaun is your one stop recording utility for both the Mac and iOS.

On iOS you just install the app, configure a couple of settings and double tap on record.

On the Mac you install the app, set a default folder and press the spacebar to record. Press it again to stop recording.

Both apps for the Mac and iOS make it really simple to record one off audio files for reminders, podcast and audio notes.

On iOS I use Drop Vox for the in person live recordings of the Delivering Access Podcast.

Listen to the latest podcast episode we just posted where Marcy and her husband A.W. was interviewed live in their living room
using Drop Vox for iOS and you’ll understand why this app is a must have.

Get both accessible apps for Mac and iOS for free in the Mac and iOS app store.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you like Drop Vox for Mac and iOS for your recording needs.