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Tag: Quick Tips

Take It To The Head

Posted in iOS

Do you remember your good old college days? I especially remember our college drinking parties when my friends would say “take it to the head” if they wanted to get a good laugh. Yup those were the days. I will not share the full stories in this blog post, but I will show you in three easy steps how to take text you started typing on your iPhone and finish it by dictating the rest by taking your iPhone to the head.

Controlling Your iPhone media With The Earbuds

Posted in iOS, and Mac

Ever been playing a podcast, listening to music, watching a video or lounging around listening to a good book? Sure you have, we all probably do at least one of these things once or twice a day to unwind or get some lectured school work in and maybe, just maybe you listen for leisure.
Most people don’t know that they can control most all functions of they’re listening pleasure via the iPhone earbuds that come with every new iPone. Read on to find out how.

Hidden Functions of F 1 Through F 12

Posted in Apple Inc, and Mac

People say that you should not take shortcuts in life, but when using my Mac I can appreciate a great shortcut that makes my work easier. Your F 1 to F 12 keys are fast and easy ways to change settings on your Mac without allot of fuss, but what about a shortcut to the shortcut?

Here is something you should keep in your mental arsenal when wanting to change master settings on your Mac. Adding the Option Key to the Function that you are trying to toggle opens its respective preference pain and tab within System Preferences. This proves useful when you need to change sound schemes, update video displays or a host of other settings easily.

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