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Get a load of this! WARNING! It’s only a tease to what’s to come!

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The first 6 weeks of Blink have been recorded, edited and about to be on display as Fedora works to change the world.

We really do know that the blind and deaf-blind have amazing talents and we want to display them.

Here’s a short teaser of the reality show http://fedoraoutlier.com/podcasts/bt1.mp3

Get Your Apple Certified Support Professional Certification Now!

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Fedora Outlier LLC teams up with Mac For The Blind to bring you the first ever Apple Certified Support Professional Certification course.

The summer enrollment is getting underway and as we tweak the final touches we want to keep you in the loop.

Calendar: The One App Every Successful Individual Uses And Why

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One of the biggest tools in a successful individuals toolkit is the Calendar app.


It doesn’t matter if it’s managed by your virtual assistant, secretary or you use an app. 


The goal is to be efficient and effective with your time.



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Most people sit and plot, wonder and try to figure out how to get noticed, published or how to be more successful. In this blog post we’ll unleash the top three things you’ll need to understand in order to make this happen for you in your life, leadership and business.

Hidden Functions of F 1 Through F 12

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People say that you should not take shortcuts in life, but when using my Mac I can appreciate a great shortcut that makes my work easier. Your F 1 to F 12 keys are fast and easy ways to change settings on your Mac without allot of fuss, but what about a shortcut to the shortcut?

Here is something you should keep in your mental arsenal when wanting to change master settings on your Mac. Adding the Option Key to the Function that you are trying to toggle opens its respective preference pain and tab within System Preferences. This proves useful when you need to change sound schemes, update video displays or a host of other settings easily.

16, 32 or 64GB…To Buy Or Not To Buy is the question

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Currently the iPhone and iPad come in three different sizes. When we say sizes we are speaking of hard drive capacities. The storage on these devices range from 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB. Often times we are asked “what size iOS device should I buy”?

We usually start by asking these three questions as follows:

1. Do you have a good backup strategy?
2. How big is your music, video and apps library?

Paralyzed To The Extent You Learn Your Assistive Technology

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As our firm strives for excellence in the assistive technology consulting, teaching and support industry, we run across one common thread amongst those struggling to learn their technology. That thread is that they are afraid of it in one form or another.