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Tammie Needs Help!

Posted in Delivering Access

Tammie is frustrated, Her VR case has been open for almost SIX years in Wisconsin and she’s only getting the run around with zero progress.

She did her part, she paid her dues but Vocational Rehabilitation is not holding up their end of the bargain.

Here’s what she Wrote in to us:

“My case has been open for over 5 & 1/2 years now! State of Wisconsin. I have been working with them on a start-up new business. First year went quite smoothly and I completed all they asked me to do. Finally had meeting with my counselors Supervisor, as well as some other workers at Voc. Rehab. When I initially began; and had my toolkit completed, I was told by my Counselor, that all looked great. However, after this last meeting, the primary Supervisor gave me a “new updated” list of what they would help me with. It was cut over 3/4 of the already OK’d list of requests to start up. Unbelievable! I followed all of my Counselors recommendations, and he told me he had been meeting with his Supervisor, on occasion, to go over things and all looked great. Mind you, I have been told from the second meeting, that I was found to be eligible for this type of assistance and had the qualifications for it. Now, they took several of the items I need and requested to start my business & cut them out. I am not sure why I wasn’t told this during the last five years, by anyone. I apparently have the right to appeal, however, it is with the same in office local Supervisor that cut my start up request list down over 3/4 of the costs. Feeling very frustrated and have spent a lot of money on fees for classes and costs for groups; as well as fuel for my vehicle to obtain the items that I purchased towards my part of the “items” I would be purchasing. It is literally going on 6 years! My Counselor took an FMLA, when his wife had a baby; and nothing was done during this time. Any suggestions? How long should this process take? I have missed out on many locations for lease; due to the rule that you can not already have a place in order to be eligible. Thank you!”

So, what should she do to get her case CLOSED and Completed once and for all?

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