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Tap,Tap,See, Blind and Visually Impaired Camera

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The following Old Hat review is for the following App:

Name: Tap, Tap, See

Accessibility Rating:
4 Hats   Completely accessible


TapTapSee is a lightweight application designed to help the visually impaired and blind community identify objects they encounter in their daily lives.

Once the user takes a picture of what is in front of them, the application identifies and speaks the identification back to the user*.

The application also features instant recognition on all US paper currency.

* Spoken identification requires VoiceOver to be turned on.

Developer: Net Ideas, LLC

App URL:

Price at time of review: Free

Category: Utilities

Our Review

This is the newest entry into a growing collection of applications that claim to aid a blind or low vision user in the identification of items simply by taking a picture of that item. I have tried VizWiz and oMoby, and I also have tried the Looktell Recognizer all with varying levels of results.

Something that may set this app apart from the others that I mentioned is how simple the interface is. When you launch the app you are presented with three buttons. First there is a Take Picture button which should be pretty obvious what will happen when you double tap on this. Next you will come to a Repeat button which you will double tap on when you want to hear the results of the last picture taken. Finally there is an About button where you can learn more about the app and the developer.

In the latest update to this app the developer has added a lock focus sound which means that when you are getting ready to take a picture once the camera has focussed on the item you will hear a short high pitch tone. At this point you should double tap on the Take Picture button to snap a photo of the item. Once you do this you will hear Voice Over say Picture Taken.

After taking a picture the picture is then uploaded to the Internet where it will be identified by the image either being matched with an image database, or by an actual person whos job it is to look at the picture and then tag it with the information that the blind person is looking for.

This all happens very quickly which is vital to the usability of such an app. Overall I would say that TapTapSee is the best of the four applications that I have used for this type of task. I have simply been amazed with the accuracy of the results that I get with this app. Not only is the accuracy good, but I have found that this app will also do a good job telling the user about the color or color pattern of their clothing.

It is unclear to me how much data a user uses in the uploading of images to their server in order to have something identified. It is my recommendation
that if you are using this app on your carriers data network that you should keep a close look at your data usage until you get a good understanding as to how this app is affecting your data consumption.

In conclusion, I love TapTapSee and it is definatly one of the best apps that I have seen in a very long time.

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