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The iOSification of Mountain Lion

Posted in Apple Inc, iOS, and Mac

Do you love or at least like your operating system on your iOS device? Whether it be your iPhone, iPod or iPad its all iOS. Now that iOS feeling is moving to the desktop with the iOSification of Apples’ latest cat Mountain Lion.

What is iOSification you might ask? This is where similarities of the portable device is being ported over to your Mac. iOsification is something that most tech pendents say is a good thing, but is it?

The days of the geek tampering with the operating system to their hearts desire is leaving us and now we are getting simplicity in its place. I think this is a great thing for most users and surely Apple is going to support the majority.

I enjoy most of the apps and functionality of my iOS device and having these same apps on my Macs is a delight. I will be able to type a note on my PC and walk away, pick up my iPad and finish my note on it. I can surf Safari on the ride home and pick up where I left off on my iPhone or computer with ease. My favorite feature that I’ll write more on is Messages. This is a app that will allow us to message directly from our computer to another person allowing messages to flow no matter the device.

We saw the bread crumbs of these changes in Lion, but the new cat will totally change what the desktop means to the average user in that may mean it will be simple and hopefully easier to use. The best part for me is what stands for my iOS device will stand for my Mac and I can leave where I left off on one device pick it up on another and not skip a beat. We have a max of three weeks left and the new cat will be out of the bag as they say.

In the comments tell us what your thoughts are on the iOSification of the Mac and the convergence of your operating systems.

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