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The Truth About Industries for the Blind

Posted in Delivering Access

Friday I gave a speech to the Winston-Salem Mayor’s Council for Persons with Disabilities in North Carolina.

Before I gave the speech, several people came to the head table to introduce themselves.

I’m bad with names, but what I do remember is their energy.

The energy was very high and welcoming…

except for the guy who gave me a handshake that almost crushed my fingers!

The group was from “The Industries” (as we call it sometimes)


they invited me back to their facilities for a tour.

My speech was about “opportunities” and

my plans was to give the speech then

go to a music shop and play on their saxophones, grab some lunch and hit the road.

But seeing an opportunity to meet some new people, I said “sure”, of course.

This is what happened afterwards….

Watch “The Truth About The Industries For The Blind” now

and come back to share your story.

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