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When Take It To The Streets Was Born Part 1

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I have this friend name Ava Carruth. She is absolutely the most beautiful person in the world for many many reasons.
So many that I just have to name them one by one because she is just that awesome.

  1. Ava is compassionate
  2. Ava is loving
  3. She’ll give you the shirt off her back
  4. Ava honors her word
  5. Ava gives from her heart
  6. She will help anyone who asks and she’ll also help anyone who she thinks is going to accept honest feedback

Thanks Ava! You rock with the most amazing drum beat.

Fast forward three years of friendship later and we’re at a A.E.R meeting.

I’ll record an audio file and tell you how we got to be at this meeting and how I failed miserably, recovered and how the “Take It To The Streets” video was my promise to every member in attendance.

I always keep my word!! Always and if I can’t I’ll let you know ahead of time and in enough time to allow room for you to maneuver things around.

Note: This blog is being written to help massive numbers of people from all around the world. It’s to really showcase the talents of our blind family.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


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