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Take it To the Streets

The story below this video is even more compelling than the video itself.

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Note: See Transcription below.

Follow my journey as I tell you how this video changed my life and how it will change the lives of over 200 blind kids in just ONE area of Georgia!

Let’s start the “Take It To The Streets “ story from the beginning…with Ms.. Ava Carruth.


[music plays]

Narrator: On a black background, coloured words appear ­ Take It To The Streets.

VaShaun: Hi, my name is VaShaun Jones, and I am a blind navigator. I’m gonna take a trip to the mall, and I’m gonna show you the apps that I would use as an independent traveler to get there.

Narrator: Apps appear on a phone, words appear ­ and we’re off.
[navigation voice] Proceed to Hammock Place Southeast. Then in 200 feet, take a right on Fraser Street Southeast.

VaShaun: Well as you can see, at the corner again, I am looking at the parking lot to the Braves’ stadium. So I wanna get to the Georgia State train station, and I used a app called AroundMe to give me directions.

Narrator: The option “Nearby” is selected.

VaShaun: As far as the address is concerned-
[high speed computer speech]

VaShaun: …and a, uh, podcast from Downcast is trying to come through. So, basically, with the app AroundMe, you can find out what’s around you and get directions there via driving or walking using a separate- second application called Maps.

Narrator: On a phone, routes are highlighted. A train pulls into a station.

VaShaun: So I have made it to the Georgia State train station, and again, my destination is the mall, Lenox Square, and I’m gonna go to the turnstile now. But the two applications that I’ve used, out of the seven, to get here is AroundMe, which gave me the Georgia State train station and connected me with the Maps app that gave me turn by turn walking directions, uh, to get to the train station.

Narrator: Outside the mall, a man pushes a loaded trash bin. Inside, two woman walk past shops. VaShaun descends stairs with his white cane.

VaShaun: I am at the mall, and it’s Sunday at 4:45. And I only have about a hour 15 minutes to go shopping. I used a app called Sendaro GPS, or Sendaro LookAround, uh, to tell me what the cross streets are and make sure that the point of interest, which is Lenox Mall, is near.

Narrator: He walks along an elevated walkway.

VaShaun: The next app I’m going to use is a app called iMove. And as you can see, I am moving and, uh, attempting to go as straight as possible. And iMove tells me the addresses of the various shops that I am passing. So this will give the blind navigator some more information as to where he’s at.

Narrator: A blurry parking lot appears. A car drives by. Words appear ­ Home Sweet Home.
VaShaun: I am in the Uber, or as I like to call it, Youber car. And I am headed home after a pit stop that I’m about to make. It’s a great way to navigate as a blind person ­ just call for a car.
Narrator: Words appear ­ edited by Shanteria S. Kemp, mobbile videographer, Israel Grant, Rick Boggs, Audio Eyes LLC, Audio Descriptions. Starring VaShaun Jones. Take It To The Streets.

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