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To Touch Or Standard Type, That Is The Question…

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Remember when the iPhone first became accessible? Wherever there was an edit field, once activated, a keyboard would magically appear. There was only one way to type characters into that field, a method referred to as standard typing. Now there is another choice, touch typing, These methods are available not only on the iPhone, but the iPod touch and iPad as well. But which is faster, better, easier?

Standard typing can actually be accomplished one of two ways. You can flick until you find the desired letter, then double tap the screen and that letter will appear in the text field. Tis is referred to as double tapping. The other way of standard typing, called split-tap typing, can be done by scrolling until the desired letter is found, then holding your finger on it until you can tap the screen with another finger, usually a finger on the other hand.

eventually another typing method was introduced, called touch typing. When you choose this, all you need do is scroll to the letter you want and lift your finger. As soon as you do this, the letter will be placed in the edit field, just like that.

But the question is, as stated at the beginning, which method is faster, better, easier? It seems that everyone has a definite opinion on this.

Yours truly is convinced that touch typing is the way to go. It can be done more easily with one hand, and it doesn’t take another gesture once the desired letter is located. Previously, though, there were certain actions that still required standard typing, such as activating the more numbers choice at the bottom left of the screen, and the delete key on the right. With the release of ios6, these now are activated with touch typing. I’ll admit that while scrolling around, if you accidentally lift your finger, a letter, number, or symbol may be input. Oh, well, that’s what the delete key is for. And besides, with practice, that happens much less often than at first.

As for standard typing, I suppose it too has its merits. After all, the chance of inputting the wrong character is less, as you have to perform that second gesture to get the thing into place. For those who are used to flicking around the screen, this way of typing is certainly the only way.

As you can obviously tell, I love my touch typing. But you may agree with me, or not… So, which way is your preference? Inquiring minds, like mine, want to know. After all, I’d like to find out if I’m in the majority, or the minority. Leave your comments below, and if you disagree with me, it’s okay, I can handle it. Who knows, there may be something you point out that will change my mind…
So go ahead, give it your best shot!

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