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I’ve taken over 300 rides with Uber over the last year and I must say I love riding with them with a passion!

I’m blind and Uber was the answer to my dreams for transportation, both convenient and affordable.

I wish I would have thought of the genius concept the Uber founders came up with. Me being a tech head and all…the ability to scale a billion dollar business from GPS and a iPhone.

Simply astounding!

Nevertheless here’s some of the main reasons why Uber is a huge part of my life.…

Uber provides accessible receipts and you can even tag them for business expenses..

This works perfect for me and our accountant.

I no longer have to wait ours for transportation. I wait minutes…often times less than 6.

Uber’s customer service is second to none. They’ve answered e-mails in less than 30 minutes.

They didn’t just give me an auto response, they actually solved the problem in the first e-mail. Everything from correcting fairs and processing refunds was handled with excellence.

I want my company to operate with that type of excellence as well.

So add in the friendly drivers, the fact you can rate them, there is no cash exchange, they use PayPal, Apple Pay and credit/debit cards, their app is accessible, you can split the fair , etc.

I must say @uber…Thanks for changing the world!!!

You can now use the code uberblind (all one word) and get a free ride.
Uber is in several US states and a multitude of countries, so sign up using the code uberblind and take a ride on us.

Get the app

Enter the promo code uberblind and we’re off.

You can call a Uber car from your Apple Watch as well. A few taps and you are on your way…OK, I’m gone now my Uber driver Drew in a Lincoln Town car, license plate #skhdo12 , will be here in 1 minute.

Next on the Uber Update is: Spotify @uber

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