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Undo Deleted Mail with ease – iOS7

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I’m pretty trigger happy when it comes to deleting unwanted mail. The stuff in my Junk folder, the spam folder and of course those pesky people wanting to sell me their latest this or that.

Sometimes you tap one time too many and delete something you really wanted to keep. In Mail on iOS you can easily get it back just by shaking the phone. When you do this you’ll be presented with two buttons.

Lets try it. Open Mail on your iOS device and go to your list of messages. Single finger swipe up until you hear Voice-Over say “Trash”. Double tap and you’ll notice the message is magically gone, but wait; you didn’t want to delete that one. Shake the phone from left to right.

A dialog box pops up that says “Undo Trash” with a button that says “Undo”. Then there is that old “Cancel” button… DoubleTap it to cancel and return to your mails inbox.

Press the “Undo Button” to restore the previously deleted message or thread of  messages. Delete to your hearts content and when that mistake happens, just shake and tap to get it back or tap “Cancel” to ignore the undo feature.

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