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Using Zoom On An iOS Device

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In this weeks Low-vision blog post Chris will walk you through how to set up Zoom on your iOS device. So for all of our low-vision readers of the Delivering Access blog stay tuned for more interesting and compelling posts every Monday morning about how you can get more out of using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod TouchOut of all the Accessibility options you will find on your iDevice, Zoom is probably the most important to you if you have low vision. Zoom basically allows you to magnify the screen on your iDevice to show you whatever is on display at the moment.

To activate Zoom you will simply follow the blow steps:

  1. Go to your Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Now you will tap the Accessibility option.
  4. You will now click on the Zoom option. When you click on the Zoom option you will come to an option that allows you to turn Zoom on.
  5. Flip the switch to the right to turn zoom on. When zoom is on the switch will turn from grey to green.

Zoom will roughly show you about 35% of your screen when turned on. To move around zoom there are a few simple gestures that you must use.

  • A three finger double tap magnifies the screen.
  • Three fingers held down on the screen will allow you to move around the screen.
  • A three finger double tap dismisses the magnification.
  • A three finger double tap will reactivate the magnification.
  • All other gestures for using your iDevice will stay the same.

You cannot use Zoom and Voice over at the same time. Both of these accessibility tools use the same options and will not work together.

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