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Voicing My Opinion On Blind Photography

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How can you take a picture if you are blind? How do you know what you are aiming at? Does the phones camera tell you what you are shooting? All of these questions come up when a totally blind person is taking pictures. I recently fell in love with an app that not only takes pictures, but it solves one of my problems with taking pictures and labeling them correctly.The questions asked above are valid and often times brings a chuckle before I answer I smile not because the questions are obvious ones, but because five years ago the possibility of taking pictures and tagging them were not an easy feat to overcome.

One of the most used apps on my iPhone is called Photo Voice and it allows me to take a picture and with my voice I can add additional information or a funny message to it for the sender. Sending it for others to see is great too because its easy from within the app to send via e-mail, Twitter text and so on.

This app uses the stock features from the Camera app already on my iPhone, but adds the ultimate feature of using a voice recorder for hours of photography fun. I wonder if I can become a photographer and work professionally. Yup, but I’ll just do this for the sheer pleasure of answering the blind questions about how its done.

If you are reading this blog post then you should be able to not only click on the photo below and maybe see the picture, but you’ll even hear my voice.

If you have tried this app or have comments on its awesomeness then drop us a line in the comments section and tell us what you think.

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