Today we reviewed a iOS keyboard for our iPhone 4S that was fantastic! The app (yes we said app) worked as advertised. It turns your Macs keyboard into a bluetooth keyboard for your iOS devices.

The app is called Type2Phone and can be found on the Mac store here. This app solved a problem that most of us run into which is when you have just one bluetooth keyboard and multiple devices that you want to use. I hate having to type passwords and long e-mails on my iPhone without a keyboard. When you toggle between symbols and words often times it gets frustrating. This app takes all the heavy lifting away and leaves us with a simple way to type fast on our device using a full keyboard.Accessibility is OK to say the least. There are allot of unlabeled buttons with no help tags. There are also improvements that can be made to implement more Voice-Over features, however this is a inexpensive keyboard alternative and for the price you can’t beat it. Its $4.99 on the Mac app store.

We give this one a “buy rating” despite its buttons not being labeled. The task that needs to be performed is to use your Mac and type on your device via the Macs keyboard and that works as described. We contacted the developer of the app to see if they would address the accessibility issues and we are awaiting a response.

Those of you that have tried the app out or have questions leave a comment for us and we’ll get back with you. Thanks to our team member Scott for making us aware of this gem of an app.