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We Got A Butler!

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You’re getting a tag team message today from both Vashaun & Kristi because we’ve got something really exciting to talk about. 

We got a butler! 

Well kinda… 

It’s called Mail Butler and we could not run Fedora Outlier LLC properly and efficiently without it. 

It allows us to have complete control over the hundreds of emails we send out and respond to per week 

and it helps us lessen the mistakes we can make while doing so (and if you’ve been with us long enough, you know we make the occasional oops!) 

From e-mail tracking to scheduling to follow up & attachment reminders to the ability to snooze an email until later… 

it does it all!

That last one is Kristi’s favorite feature, especially when Vashaun sends over his hopes and dreams for the day at 4am in the morning … 😉

To learn more about Mail Butler and to try it out for yourself …

Watch “We Got a Butler!” Now

And then sign up for your free trial here!

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