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Wednesday Roundup For July 31, 2013

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Welcome to the Wednesday Roundup for July 31, 2013 brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLC. There’s lots going on in the world of technology this week. Stories include technology that helps us get at the polls, technology preserving history, blindness research, technology for education, and even some entertainment news. So grab that beverage of choice and have a good read.


What’s that I hear? Technology that will keep track of my exercise. These devices can even tell me how many calories I burn. Now if they can just come up with a device that will do the exercise for me. Now seriously…this is an excellent use of technology. You can even compete with your friends. Okay, lets get busy and burn, burn, burn those calories.

Even the election poll people are getting into the action. In Minneapolis, they are testing the use of laptops, tablets, and
License swiping machines to identify legal voters at the polls. It’s really hard to know what it will take to have an election where there are only eligible voters casting their ballots. This method doesn’t address those voters who don’t have a drivers license or State ID. What’s next, maybe a thumb print or retina identification?

This is an interesting and great use for technology. In the future when buildings have deteriorated from old age or possibly taken away by Mother Nature’s storms,we will be able to take our children on a tour of what use to be and what we saw in our period of time. This could possibly be one of the best uses of technology we have ever seen. To preserve our history and architecture for future generations to see and appreciate, could really capture sights at their best instead of their ruin and absence.

Is there a need for handwriting in this age of technology. Even blind people need a signature. With texting and emailing a permanent part of communication, it seems letter writing by hand is a thing of the past for youngsters coming up in this era. Older people still feel the need to write long letters or thank-you notes by hand. It makes much more sense for the blind to use the new method because it can be read by the same technology that they use to generate their own texts and emails.

An eye disease that was once thought to be rare, now researchers believe it shares genetic defects with many other disorders. Isn’t it amazing that sometimes when research is being done on one disease, it brings out similarities to other diseases? It just makes a person sit back and say “Wow” when you hear news like this article. Maybe there is just one basic genetic disorder that is one that all research will eventually lead back to. Now that is not a scientific fact, but just one person’s thoughts about the wonders of science and what researchers are capable of finding.

Audible books are not enough. This was the heading for this article. It seems that some technical schools have recently been advised that they need to provide all students with accessible materials. They shouldn’t have to travel to a library to get the information in an accessible format. Online materials and websites should also be accessible. Blind, visually impaired and deaf/blind students should have the same experience with school as their sighted peers. Isn’t that the way it should be?
we need someone to point out to schools of any kind, that don’t have accessible materials, that there are those of us who could fill them in easily, if they really want to be accessible. It seems the schools tend to Blame it on budget cuts. Do we have to be the ones that lose out?

And for you reality fans, some news announced this week. Mama June Shannon, mother on the TLC’s hit reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, has announced that she is legally blind. I haven’t watched the show, but think I might check it out since Mama June has become one of us in the blind community. Her blindness was caused by childhood cataracts that weren’t treated. Surgery now would cause more damage than good. I hope someone there has suggested that Mama June could get services to help deal with her condition. I’d like to see a follow up story about her independent living training. I hope someone out there knows her and will tell her about the amazing things she can do with an iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer to enhance her independence.

We hope you have enjoyed the stories brought to you today. If you are a Twitter subscriber , my friend and team mate, Brie, has a fabulous #AccessChat on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. She has a great lineup for the upcoming weeks. Hope you will join in any of the conversations going on and learn about the featured guest. Have an awesome week.