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Wednesday Roundup For May 29

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Hi all. Ready for another week of interesting stories? Well, let’s see what has been going on around us in the world of technology. Wednesday Roundup is provided weekly by Fedora Outlier, LLC.

What would you like to see in the next iOS update? Here is the latest rumor…. iOS 7 release date rumors: 5 most anticipated features in Apple iOS 7

Northern Voices Online
iOS 7 release date rumors are spreading fast. We take a look at 5 most anticipated features in Apple iOS 7. The More rumors are going around about the iOS 7Developer Conference (WWDC) in …

This item really caught my attention. I enjoy reading science articles and this one was very interesting.
Vision may not involve creating an inner model of the world in the brain.
While it’s tempting to think of our eyes as “windows” to the outside world, things are a lot more complicated than that.
Vision is one of the deepest mysteries science has ever confronted. We have two eyes that are constantly moving about; our retinal images are not only inverted, but also sharp and detailed over only a tiny portion of the retina called the fovea.

It’s always great to read how technology is being used for our students. This student who is deaf/blind is being helped by an awesome project.

Kansas City Star
Joseph, a seventh-grader at Bryan Station Middle School, and his mother, June Boggs, said that’s just one example of the technology he’s been using this year while working with Diane Haynes of the Kentucky Deaf-Blind Project. Haynes connected him with …

Always looking for more enjoyable and useful apps? Check these out…
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Ultrasound has been around for a while as a means for visually impaired or sighted parents-to-be for a glimpse of their unborn child.Blind parents cannot share in this type of technology to get a glimpse of the fetus. So, you wonder…how about the blind parents-to-be? Read on for some amazing use of technology to provide a tactile image of the unborn child.
Fleksy posted 3D Printing Gives Blind Parents a Chance to Feel Baby Before It’s Born | Video
Hopefully the stories in this weeks issue of Wednesday Roundup have brought you some interesting as well as thought provoking topics. It is the goal of Fedora Outlier, LLC to keep you in the loop on what is happening around the world in technology.You will find a link on our website to purchase a new multi-media book for the blind called “the Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility for iPhone users. Lots of other exciting content can be found on our home page. So check it out and see you next week for another edition of Wednesday Roundup.