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Wednesday Roundup For September 11, 2013

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Hi out there all you gals and guys. Welcome to the Wednesday Roundup for September 11, 2013 brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLC. This week’s stories include more rumors about the next generation iPhone, a bicycle for the blind (yes, you heard me right), technology to help people who are color blind, Com Cast and talking program menus, and stories of people who have triumphed over blindness. So, let’s get comfy, grab that favorite beverage (sweet iced tea for me), and settle in for some exciting news from the web.

Thinner, larger, lighter, more colorful…. many rumors, what are we to believe! I like the idea of thinner, except will it be more fragile?I tend to be trusting that it will be durable. Larger? I guess that could be a good thing for our sighted friends. Thinner and more colorful….not sure I care either way (, but that could be nice. We will just have a little longer to wait for that upcoming announcement. I’m feeling the excitement level rising.

This really has sparked my curiosity. I used to ride a bike with my children, but had to give that up many years ago, because of my failing eyesight. With this invention, I could really get out and experience nature at it’s finest. Can you see a bunch of us riding along in a group and really getting the full experience of riding a bicycle independently? I really would like to see one of these up close and be able to try it out.

This story touches me personally because I have two sons who can’t distinguish some colors such as blues, greens, reds and oranges. They both have learned to deal with color blindness, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if this technology could give them the ability to see the colors they can’t see now? One can only imagine what the research will afford people with other forms of blindness.

Isn’t this exciting news? Com Cast has gotten the message that the blind community does indeed watch tv and talking menus is a feature that so many of us would love to have. One can only hope that the other cable and satellite providers will follow. Don’t you think it’s about time all these Cable companies and technology companies realize that we are becoming a very large market and that our money is just as good as anybody else’s? I, for one, never know what is on the channels. Programs I watch all the time are entrenched in my brain, however, I would like to know what the other 100 channels are offering me. Thank goodness for companies like Apple and Com Cast that appreciate that we need these accommodations.

This story is very touching, because a young man, suffering from a disease that is very unpredictable, gets a second chance at being sighted. He learned braille, learned to use a white cane, and was very fortunate to have very good doctors and hospitals to get him to the point he is today. It is awesome to hear these positive outcomes and maybe the research can help someone else.

The last story for today is about a gentleman who is a massage therapist, but happens to be blind. The article continues on to give some staggering statistics of the blindness population and the number of blind persons not in the work force. Blindness is a growing community as the population is aging, as well as youngsters with eye disorders. It is great to see people stepping out of their comfort zone and attaining great careers. If you set your mind to it, it can happen.

Thank you for reading this weeks edition of Fedora Outlier’s Wednesday Roundup. Don’t delay, there’s lots of great content on our website, so drop by and take a look around. I think that you will like what you hear.. See you next week for another edition of the Wednesday Roundup..

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