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Wednesday Roundup For September 18, 2013

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Hi there! Thanks for coming back for this week’s edition of the Wednesday Roundup for September 18, 2013 brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLC. This week’s stories will bring you useful information, recent research, and showcase individuals who have triumphed over blindness. Let’s get ready to check out what is happening on the web. So get that cup of your favorite beverage, get comfy, and enjoy.

Well the anticipation has been building for quite some time, but Apple finally made their announcement and enlightened us with the new features of the iPhone 5S and 5C. This announcement gives those who have earlier versions of the devices as much pleasure as the new versions of the iPhone. I really am looking forward to the photo options, and Air Drop as well, but all the new features hold much promise to be my favorites.–Whats-new-on-Apples-iOS-7

Using your finger as a speaker…sounds a little futuristic, doesn’t it? Well, it is a real “now” research. It can also be used with multiple people as long as they are touching. One person holds a device. That person puts a finger to the ear of the person at the other side. Sounds like the old game “gossip” where one person whispers a rumor to the person next to them, and this continues around the room. It was really comical to hear what the last person got from the “rumor” being passed around. In this case, all the people listening are getting the message are all hearing the same thing. What’s next….mental telepathy for real?

It’s always encouraging to hear about research that finds ways to find eye disorders early. When these ways to diagnose disorders are used for early intervention, many times there is a better outcome. Sometimes it isn’t that a cure has been found, but having the time to adjust to a disorder gives the person time to get their life in order. Hopefully this research will bring a cure in the future.

This story is about another great tool for those who are losing their vision and don’t know where to turn. Those of us who have been through that stage know what a tremendous source of frustration and confusion that can be. [The website is a powerful source of information and resources. There are many wonderful sites and organizations that provide great information, and it never hurts to add another one.

Can you imagine an app that will help a blind skater? Well, it seems that Blind Square is such an app. I use it when navigating city streets, but never thought about being on skates when I was doing that. Other uses are discussed in this story, but just thinking about being on a pair of skates again gives me goose bumps. Of, course, it would help to track your area well before lacing on those skates, but I can see trying this if I were a little younger!

Realizing that you have a visual impairment and being a teenager can be quite a complicated life. This young man has kept a totally positive outlook through the last three years while losing his central vision. He was a basketball player, but has turned to cross country running for his high school team. What an inspiring story this is in so many ways. All of us who are blind or visually impaired have had to give up on things that we just can’t do, but when it comes right down to it, usually there is some anger, frustration, and depression, but this young man has turned his disability into a message to help others who lose their vision.

To celebrate the release of the 2 new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and the 5S along with the release of iOS7 we will be writing up 10 blog posts on what is new to iOS7. These posts will begin coming out on Wednesday September 18 after Apple has released it, and each day after the release of iOS 7 for 10 days excluding the weekends. To make sure that you don’t miss any of these very informative posts you can subscribe to our Delivering Access blog by email.

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