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Why Would Blind People Have A Watch Party When They Can’t See?!

Posted in Delivering Access

The answer is because it’s accessible to us!

We are going to use Facebook’s Watch Party Feature to hold a never before seen event and YOU are invited.

Here’s how it’s going down…

By replying to this email, you are going to submit an application that you would love to use, but can’t because it’s not accessible.

Then during the watch party, we are going to walk through all the ways to make it as user friendly as possible.

Fedora has been working with Mac developers for over a decade to make applications, websites and mobile apps accessible to you and the rest of the world – we believe we have the winning formula that works consistently!

So, respond with an application on iOS or the Mac that isn’t accessible and we’ll show you how we use the community, a well crafted email to the right person and some back and forth communication to make the once inaccessible…

Accessible to all!

We are calling this event the “Watch This Watch Party”.

More details to come…

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