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Wild Card 1 (Innocence)

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Stay tuned as we come back to Blink. The reality show where employment for the blind and deaf-blind is not just a dream anymore.

In the second season (Shark Tank), the Realist move to video. We went from 23 contestants to a little over a handful still in the running.

We’ve already brought a few individuals aboard the team already. They were just super valuable and we couldn’t resist.

We look forward to working with the new associates and changing the world together!

As we transition from audio to video we invite you to enjoy the Wild Card Series and we’ll be right back…

This one is me and my nephew T.

Let’s tell the story…

Its funny how life turns out. You go from being little, with no worries in the world to a grown person and lots of responsibilities to bare.

This one brings me back to my childhood as a 9 year old as I reminisce outside in the rain and follow through with a interview of my nine year old nephew Mr. Taboris Scott.

I wish I could go back to the days of innocence, don’t you?

After listening get a free chapter of detective DJ’s mystery book and join our campaign against bullying.

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