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Wiz Bang Great Job! Apple!!!

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

When it comes to generating loads of excitement in the area of assistive technology and technology in general, know one does it better than Apple Inc. You have people not just standing in long lines waiting, but you have people staying up all times of the night to pre-order and camped out of Apples’ doors for a week at a time to get the latest and greatest offering from Apple. In this months case its the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

What goodness the iOS 6 mobile operating system has for all users. With new Facebook and Twitter integrations the long awaited Maps with turn by turn directions and accessibility upgrades You can’t help but marvel at the subtle changes that enhances what accessibility will look like going forward for people with disabilities.

I will not go into all of them in this post, but you can read a guest post we put up last week titled “What’s New In Accessibility In iOS 6“. I will however say that my absolute gems are the simple swipe to delete, do not disturb for phone calls and notifications and the social networking features are my favorites by far.

I carry my iPhone, iPad and often times a air or the Mac Book Pro with Retina display around where ever I go and I get so much done with the way they just work so well together with transferring files from one to the other. When using iCloud, Reminders, Face Time or iMessage the seamlessness of them all is a pure productivity delight. This is amazing to say the least. Between Mountain Lion and iOS 6 with the iPhone 5 and the New iPad I can say that Apple has done one wiz bang job for all their users.

Tell us what your favorite Apple gear or iOS feature you enjoy most by leaving us a comment below.

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