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Month: October 2012

The Dots Will Lead You….Will You Follow?

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Challenging yourself is hard. No matter the obstacle you have to stretch in order to grow. This can mean trying new things, getting up earlier, taking a new route to work, meeting new people or reading a book on being a better you. My current challenge is mastering braille and my braille device. I’m stating publicly that by this time next year I will follow-up on this post and write you with an update. Its sort of my braille challenge contest with myself. Now I have thousands of people who will read this and hold me accountable.

Is Smart Phone Use Changing Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

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Over the last twelve years, since I started learning about Technology, the use of smart Phones has grown so fast that it is hard to keep up. I transitioned from only using my home phone to using a cell phone just seven years ago. Now I use an iPhone that substantially lessens the need for so many other blind devices.

Don’t Look At Me When I Say “Let Me See”

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Have you encountered sighted people who wonder how we blind folk can say “Let me see,” when we can’t actually see the thing we are talking about?

The other day, I was with a friend of mine. We were talking about the new home she will be moving into shortly. I said that I can’t wait to see it. My friend, who pretty much says what is on her mind, started to ask me how I would be able to see it. So, I explained that we blind folk have other ways of seeing than using our eyes. Though she understood, it was not the first time she wondered about the wording I’ve used, such as when I’ve said I’m going to look at something.

I know she is not alone in her thinking. Yes, I am legally blind, and have no real usable vision except for light and shadows. But I am still like anyone else, and don’t need or want to use different words to describe what I want to do.

This really came to light for me many years ago. A young friend of one of my children was visiting. He was holding a toy in his hand, and I asked him to let me see it. I held out my hand for him to place the object there, but, nothing. My kids knew that when I said that, they should put the thing in my hands, for that was Mom’s way of seeing. But this little boy? he did the natural aching for the sighted to do. He held the toy up for me to see.

It was then that I realized that what I say, which seems perfectly normal for me to do, means something different to sighted, and that they surely wonder how I can “see.”

It’s interesting that the Apple computers and i-devices have brought the sighted and blindness communities closer together. Once I’ve explained that my iPhone and iPod talk, nobody seems to react when I say I’m going to look at an app, or that I want to see the new iPhone5.

How can we change their thinking in other situations? When will the sighted realize that we do just what they do, but in a different way? Do you have ideas on how we can enlighten them, even one person at a time? Leave your comments, thoughts, and ideas below…