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Month: August 2013

Follow Friday With The Blind Food Critic Daniel Aronoff

Posted in Delivering Access

Hello Everyone! What a crazy week it has been for me and that is why I am so thrilled that today is Friday! I am also excited that Monday is a holiday which means I get to sleep in late. Do any of you have plans for Labor Day weekend? Since today is Friday, it means that another edition of Fedora Outlier’s Follow Friday (#FF) interview series is ready for you to read.

Using The Rotor On Your iOS Device

Posted in iOS

The Rotor on iOS gives us the ability to perform specific functions in different areas. You can use the Rotor to edit text, maneuver through a website, or find edit fields just to name a few. To access the Rotor you simply use a twisting motion with two fingers (whichever two fingers work for you), as though you were twisting a Volume knob or tightening or loosening a screw with your fingers.

Safe Computing On Windows And Macs

Posted in Mac

In this time of the always connected lifestyle it is more important than ever that we all learn how to best protect our computers and even more importantly our personal information on the Internet. The subject of viruses
and malware on Windows computers and Macs can be a hot button topic, but that will not stop us from discussing it here on the Delivering Access blog. In the coming weeks my friend and teammate Damashe and I will be writing about this very subject. Our goal being to provide you our readers with the information to better protect yourself online. So sit back and get ready to learn about how to make sure that you are protected from the bad guys on the Internet.

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