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Month: June 2015

A Radio DJ I Just Had To Interview

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So I’m scrolling through my podcast feeds trying to figure out if I’m going to listen to tech, business, comedy or a finance podcast when I stumbled across this guy in my AppleVis feed.

His podcast was on the use of an audio app that I can’t think of at this moment, but what I do remember was the excitement he brought to his app demonstration.

I got his contact info, reached out immediately and what do you know…

Here he is on the show. Give it up for the baddest DJ in the land.

He really brings the energy on this one. Ready to empower?

Lets go…

From Detroit To Florida With Marcia Harden

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My first experience with being around a large number of blind people for the first time was at the last NFB convention held in Detroit 5 or 6 years ago. I can’t remember because I’m getting old. LOL
What I can remember is that it was one of the best times of my life!

We through a party of all parties on the 57th floor of the Marriott hotel and I met Marcia from South Carolina.

It was friends at first sight.

Marcia is a great friend that sings her butt off and she just might be in this years talent show at the 75 year NFB national convention in Orlando.

If she does and you are there tell her that you heard her story on the Delivering Access podcast.

Listen to her journey and the hard choice she had to make in order to save her sons life. Brave doesn’t even begin to describe the rock and the hard place she was stuck between.b

Ripping Things Apart With David Ward

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When David put the technology back together again he hoped that it worked.

Now he’s building technology and making it accessible for the blind and the deaf-blind around the world.

His story reminded me of my father who would build computers from spare parts and make them work. That’s how I fell in love with tech.

This guy is a geeks geek and you just got to love his drive. No not his hard drive silly…his drive to change the world!

Listen in as David tells his story then go tare something up, put it back together again and see if it works as expected.

You Can Hire A Guy To Personally Upload Your YouTube Videos For Less Than 1 Cent A Day

Posted in Backstage Pass, Mac, and VaShaun

I’m going to bring you backstage into the world headquarters of Fedora this week and tell you about a must try app called Batch Uploader for Youtube.

So the story starts with Damashe, Marcy, Scott and myself on a late night strategy conference call for the Mac Master Series.

Listen to my side of the story…we’ll get Damashe on a Backstage Pass to tell his thoughts on Batch Uploader for Youtube later.