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Month: October 2017

The World Is NOW Accessible!

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This week I’ve gotten allot of questions about our technology setup and how I do things. After explaining the ends and out most people asked if it was accessible or not. What I realized is that even when I told them that it was they never moved to try it out. This was even after i told them that the software had a free trial or that the vendor had a pretty great return policy.

Most of them just went back to doing the same thing they were doing before, yet expecting a different result.

A older gentleman once told me if I wanted what another man had i had to do what he did to get it. This remains true with just about everything we want and need in life.
People desire change, but they will not change to meet their needs.

Here’s the real reason why the world is now accessible and people will continue to use inaccessibility as an excuse. Think of the three ways we communicate globally and watch my video response… below

Outlier’s with Garth Humphries

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Garth is one amazing dude…

I just love his accent and the name of his website.

You can check out his smooth Australian voice in this episode and some of his work over at

He’s one blind guy that I just had to get on the show just so you guys can see what’s possible in the world of business ownership and being employed full time. You would think Garth doesn’t have time for anything but work, however you’ll quickly see the fun he has changing the world.

Check him out and remember to be amazing in what you do, whenever you do it.

Outlier’s with Ever Hairston (Part 1)

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With a fine name like Ever and a charm that matches you would be hard pressed to fine someone greater and more rounded than our guest Ms. Ever Hairston.

We have never had a podcast participant on with this much experience in changing the world than this wonder woman…

From marching with Martin Luther KingJr., running one of the National Federation of the Blinds’ largest affiliates and everything in between. This lady is one of a kind, simply the best and was an honor to interview.

She was such an inspiration we have done something special for this podcast in Part 2 of her interview that you will be sure to want to take advantage of, so listen to both parts and we’ll see you on the inside.

Outliers Special with the interviewer being interviewed

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I usually turn down allot of interviews because of time spent interviewing you fine people around the world and running a couple of companies, being a husband, father, brother, cousin etc, however this interview opportunity was one I just could not pass up.

When I found out that Chris Curran of the Podcast Engineering School had interviewed one of my blind mentors and a guy that I had heard all over the internet that I really looked up to in the podcasting industry who is also blind I knew I had to show the world that podcasting is here to stay and making money doing it well is not a figment of ones imagination.

This interview is one of my finest and it let’s me know I’m on the right track when I tell blind and other disabled individuals that you can make a living doing what you love…

How do I know this?

because I do it every day.

My issue is that i love a bunch of things.

Here’s items from my short list.

• Blogging

• Technology

• Coaching

• Playing the sax

• Eating

and of course, podcasting.

I hope my interview with Chris inspires you to podcast or at least live your dream if you are not all ready. You know how to reach us and we hope you are doing marvelously well in the mean time.