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An industry innovator, motivator and power player.

VaShaun Jones is the Visionary of Fedora Outlier LLC, a world renowned and respected provider of assistive technology consulting, teaching and support located in the heart of Georgia.

Balancing a mastery mindset and personal connection toward his clients with an intuitive interest in everything he tackles, VaShaun epitomizes the aesthetic of a true teaching professional. He showcases a competitive drive to not only provide the highest quality service for his clientele, but to also push the standards of the industry to greater heights.

Proudly A PhD graduate of the School Of Hard Knocks, VaShaun founded Fedora as an exclusive assistive technology firm for the blind but quickly realized the potential in other emerging technologies with all persons living with a disability. Becoming an early pioneer of online global teaching, his passionate desire to stay ahead of the curve continued as Fedora later adopted other evolving platforms such as membership, subscription and remote certification programs.

With relevancy being the key to survival, VaShaun has expanded Fedora into further cutting edge areas of service by offering global localization of its teaching services and assets. Boasting 7 international offices and now being a major resource for English and Spanish assistive technology consulting, VaShaun continues to oversee the Fedora team and further build the Fedora brand while keeping a watchful eye on future innovation.