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Are You Ready For An Emergency?

Posted in iOS

I know I usually write about things concerning technology, but the last couple of days events in the Northeast have really been heavy on my mind. Though you can be sure technology has a place in this discussion also.

After watching all the stuff going on with Superstorm Sandy, I began to look around, checking to see if I could react in a hurry. Well, I am kind of ready. But that is not enough. Important papers at a quick access, batteries, emergency generator, enough water and food for several days, and transportation are just a few of the things that are important.

Do we take these kinds of emergencies seriously when the newscasters first alert us that there is a threat? Well, I’ve been giving this some thought today. I think I need a better plan. As a blind person, I need to have all my important documents in a place, where I can grab them in an emergency if possible. Copies of my birth Certificate and Social Security Card, and a utility bill with my Name and Address on it, are just a few of the items that would make life so much less complicated when recovering from an emergency. It is not practical to keep these items in a purse or wallet because those can be lost outside the safety of your home. Those things could be kept in a bag, close to the door of your room, which could be grabbed on the way out. However, if it is a life threatening emergency, those things are not irreplaceable. Life is irreplaceable.

Another thing we don’t seem to think about until there is an emergency, is transportation and making arrangements in case it is necessary to leave the area in case of the type of emergency that we saw in the Northeast. Don’t wait for an emergency to make a plan.

With all the technology in this world today, most people with disabilities have some kind of device such as an iphone, iPad, or other such devices. Be sure they are all fully charged in the event of a threat that is alerted early. The iOS devices can be used to be kept informed, using radio apps such as Stitcher and weather apps such as Weather Radio. They can also be used to communicate with apps such as Skype, FaceTime, and of course the phone app on the iPhone.

As I watched TV in the last day, so many people chose to “ride out the storm”. Most of those people may be okay, but those who had an opportunity to make a smart, sound decision, and chose recklessly to stay behind, just put their lives as well as the Emergency Personnel‘s lives in danger. So, don’t take mandatory evacuations lightly.

With all the technology that is available today, there is no reason that any of us should not be aware of what is going on around us. So, if you have a friend, relative, or acquaintance that does not have a TV, computer, radio, or iOS device, make it a point to be sure they have the information and talk to them about making plans for emergency with their local FEMA affiliate. They have ways of registering for such emergency evacuations. So, if you are not involved in the present emergency, and have been reluctant to make plans…..DO IT NOW.

If you are involved in the midst of the Superstorm Sandy, our prayers and thoughts are with you. Hopefully life will return to normal (or at least somewhat normal), in the coming weeks.

Do you have resources for emergency situations that you would like to share? Do you know a person that does not have access to technology, which you can share information with? Are you prepared if it happened today? How would you handle this kind of emergency that happened in the last few days? We would really like to hear from you. Maybe your ideas can keep someone prepared and Safe. Please leave your comments below.